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    "Brendan Radigan, vocalist of Magic Circle, Battle Ruins, etc. strikes out on his own as STONE DAGGER (with the help of a couple of studio musicians), delivering the kind of working class power metal the USA has been historically known for. Stone Dagger is heavily indebted to Manilla Road’s "classic period", but also brings to mind other bands of the era like early Omen, Obsession, and of course Manowar. There’s also an undeniable European influence, maybe comparable to the likes of Heavy Load. A nice debut, capped off with period appropriate production and presentation."

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    raiseyourfistandyell said: ARE THOSE RECORDS YOURS?!

    Haha, unfortunately not.

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    Old people review Goatwhore.

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    Wonder what subgenre they play.

    Wonder what subgenre they play.

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    New Episodes of Metalocalypse start April 15th.

    Just a heads up for the most metals of shows on television.

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    Vote For Euronymous!

    Vote for Euronymous (Øystein Aarseth) to be painted on the tail of a jet!

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    "One of the benefits of listening to metal is that I barely have to turn my music up to drown out the tornado sirens blaring right outside."
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    One Of These Is Not Like The Others
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    Evilution. I’m workin’ on it.

    Evilution. I’m workin’ on it.

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    Sparrows - Rivals Of Christ

    Album Art

    Enjoy some kick ass black/death metal for free! Sparrows are trying to spread their blasphemous message, and are giving away their debut album, Rivals Of Christ. Seriously some good extreme metal here. If you’re a fan of the genres then you owe it to yourself to at least check them out.

    We are here on an Infernal mission to annihilate the world.

    You can stream and download their music from their Soundcloud.

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